Quality home extensions in Colchester

When it comes to stunning home extensions, make the right choice. Contact The Extension Company Ltd in Colchester today.

Make use of your available space

If you want some extra space for your growing family, don’t go through the stress of seeking out a new home. Consider an extension! Contact us today and we can make use of the available space on your property. You can also rely on for house refurbishments and loft & garage conversions.

Extensions Essex

Our extension services include:

  • Kitchen extensions
  • Single-storey home extensions
  • Double and multi-storey home extensions
  • Bathroom extensions
  • Complete property extensions

Need a bigger living space?

Whether you need a larger kitchen or a bathroom that is a pleasure to spend time in, rather than a chore, The Extension Company LTD can handle it all. Get in touch with us today – we’re always happy to walk you through the process and will give you a detailed quote that factors in all the labour and materials involved.